Welcome to the  W A R P - 5  project!

WARP-5 is a research project on coherent optical metro-access networks, which introduces novel photonic techniques for the extension of capacity and reach thereof. As such, it aims at a next-generation ICT infrastructure with a 10 Gb/s broadband connection to the user while retaining cost- and energy-efficiency.
WARP-5 has been launched in May 2013 and is supported by the European Commission through its Seventh Framework People programme (FP7-PEOPLE-CIG-2012).

Why WARP-5?

Optical telecommunications is the backbone of our modern information society. Hardly visible to the network users, a high share of 90% of all digital information is transported over photonic networks - which will gain even more importance in the future. Success-stories and value creation in the field of European ICT are based on innovation and development initiatives as well as knowledge and IPR generation in this rather young research field.
The European Commission has selected WARP-5 for funding as innovative R&D project on next-generation photonic networks for the metro-access ICT segment. The availability of broadband access is gaining more and more attention: Studies have shown a positive impact of broadband availability on GDP growth and employment. Novel photonic technologies as endeavoured in WARP-5 are therefore essential for a positive economic development.


Latest News

June 2016: As WARP-5 comes to an end, the first publications with latest results are being accepted. Get more info on that at EUCNC in Athens and ECOC in Dusseldorf. See you there.

December 2015: In view of the release of the new Star Wars episode, WARP-5 was able to shed some light on laser rifles. Watch it at the media library of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

December 2015: PI co-organises workshop themed "5G for Cyber-Physical Systems" at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

September 2015: Paper accepted for Journal on Selected Areas in Communications!

September 2015: Two papers to be presented at ECOC, Valenzia, on a fully passive ROADM for metro-access-wireless and on coherent PON technology.

August 2015: Invited paper to Journal of Optical Communications and Networking.

July 2015: Presentation on a flexible mobile X-haul architecture at ICTON'15 in Budapest.

June 2015: PI organises workshop themed "Photonics as Key Enabler for Next-Generation Broadband" at the Austrian ICT Week "Imagine Bits of Tomorrow".

March 2015: Two papers accepted at OFC, Los Angeles, with one of them being recognized as top-ranked.

January 2015: Publication accepted in PTL on fully-passive remote radio head for wireless access. Recognition is reflected by being within the top-30 of most popular PTL papers in April 2015.

December 2014: Publication accepted in PTL on fully-passive switching in optical access networks.

December 2014: WARP-5's PI visits Bell Labs, NJ. Was a great pleasure to be there!

November 2014: Spotlight on WARP-5 in the European Parliament Magazine.

September 2014: Presentations at ECOC'14 in Cannes, amongst others on a fully-passive switching engine.

July 2014: Presentation on a massive-split coherent PON at ICTON'14, Graz.

June 2014: Two papers accepted at ECOC'14, Cannes. See you there!

February 2014: WARP-5 gains access to deployed fibre in the city of Vienna.

September 2013: Presentation on low-cost flexible-format generation for coherent PON at ECOC'13, London.

May 2013: Project Kickoff ... WARP-5 has just been lauched, stay tuned for more news to come!