Lab & Fieldwork

Construction of particular WARP-5 test-bed units

Alignment of two ends of single-mode fibres, as thin as a human hair. Sub-micron precision is in general required when coupling light in and out of a photonic chip device such as a laser, modulator or waveguide-coupled detector.

Making the last patch between the laboratory at AIT and the urban fibre network in the city of Vienna. Installing this last meter of lightpath means to work once more under very unfavorable conditions: no space to splice. The box is now closed and will never be opened again.

"Fibre explosion" is one of the worst things that can happen in a lab. A few quick moves inside a rack can waste the rest of the workday.

Finally we got control of the fiber and ready to use the test-bed for investigating co-existence with our WARP-5 system.

That's also part of the daily scientific work: dissemination. This time in Cannes at the ECOC conference.

...stay tuned for further impressions of the daily scientific work!